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Howwow is starting a revolution. No more user manuals. Join us !!



This is a multi billion dollar market. Hundreds of millions of user manuals are produced every year. However, User manuals are really bad at explaining things. This is a huge market which has seen absolutely no innovation. Howwow wants to change this.


Video Guides are far superior to user manuals. The howwow app will host millions of video guides like the one shown here. For a more detailed explanation of the Howwow business model see the whitepaper below.

Howwow App

Howwow seeks to make user manuals obsolete

Video Guides

Watching a video guide and following is provably easier than reading a user manual and following 

Easy to use App

Simply type in your product code and you will be redirected to a video guide produced by the product manufacturer 


Improved Consumer Experience

Consumer experience is massively important for retailers. Video guides are a huge upgrade on user manuals

Advertising Potential

If succesful, millions of consumers will use the Howwow App in order to get instructions for their product. 

Prototype Source Code

The source code for the prototype howwow app is available (iOS & Android) 

Market Size

Howwow has huge potential 


IKEA is the market leader in the furniture market. They sell around 100 million products every year. That is a lot of user manuals that need printing. A video guide transition is long overdue.  


It is difficult to quantify the number of user manuals that companies produce for the millions of consumer products sold every year. Howwow can benefit hugely from the video guide transition.


A full detailed explanation of the Howwow business model can be found in the Whitepaper